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  • The 'Harihar Memorial Public School' was named after late 'Harihar Mahto' was the prominent social worker and agriculturist of the Chotanagpur.

  • Harihar Memorial Public School was started to fulfill his long-cherished vision to uplift society. According to him, not only the achievement of a career but also character building and overall growth of the youngster is equally important. 

  • H.M. Public School is fulfilling this objective with great success. 

  • The School was founded in 1999. Initially, the school was meant for the poor peoples who cannot pay the fees of the big school for their Children to give them a better education. Later on, other children of other castes and communities were taken in and the school achieved a secular status. The school premise is situated on the lands of the Chotanagpur plateau of the city Ranchi. 

  • Chotanagpur is a place of many minerals; it is situated near the banks of the famous Subernarekha River. It is easily accessible by road. It is nearly 1 km from the Ranchi Railway Station. As there are no major industries nearby, it is free of pollution and is also a very quiet place, the ideal setting of a school.

Introduction: About Us
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The School is run by a Managing Society  "SWARAJ"" Social Welfare & Research Activity in Jharkhand" formed by the governing body, which comprises eminent educationist and citizens. 

Introduction: Our Mission
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