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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to H.M.P.S

The Harihar Memorial Public School, a Pre-Nursery to Class 10 School offering the National type of facility to Students.

The credentials that we offer are highly important for the future of the student. The system incorporates some optional routes that allow individuals to highlight their strengths after passing the main milestones.

It's a matter of great pleasure, very important achievement, and praise that our 12 batches were passed out with excellent numbers.

But H.M.P.S is more than just good results and we're not simply interested in the students' best and brightest. Above all, we take pride in being a child-centric school and belonging to a cross-section of children at various levels and achievements.

Our specific goal is to nurture the students in order to become:

• Creative Thinkers

• Reflective Learners

• Team Workers

• Self Managers and

• Effective Participators.

Our teachers, who are our greatest assets, are well-trained in paying personalized care and attention to every student, regardless of his/her ranks in class. Our small class-sizes help them in developing personal rapports with their students, and our various co-curricular classes and activities contribute towards the complete emotional and social development of a child.

With an eye on the future lives of our students and the work-environments of tomorrow, we lay particular emphasis on the intelligent and exhaustive use of IT in education. Apart from being a separate academic course, IT is widely deployed across the board and integrated into the teaching of many subjects Computing is also offered as an academic subject at both 0 and A-Levels.

Although a large majority of our students are from low-grade families, some of them are from other religions, caste. But our student body is multicultural with Pupils of other cultures.

Please browse the site for information about our teaching, curricula, ethos, student-life, and admission procedures. If you need any more clarification or information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Best wishes,

Arvind Kr. Mahto


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